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Jasemx Al anjeri international an e-commerce online store. Online selling of iPhone, iPad, CCTV camera, card dashboard camera, desh camera at affordable rates. You can purchase iPhone, iPad, CCTV camera, car dashboard camera online in Germany, Canada, Netherlands, France, United Kingdom through In today’s time, the iPhone, iPad is becoming the first requirement of the people. Based on our offers we provide  end-to-end full range of CCTV cameras and  iphone, ipad, car dashboard camera, dash camera. best manufacturers, systems, and services to create values for city operations, corporate management, and consumers.
Why Smartphone is first need for Everyone?
Any student or professional person needs an iPhone, iPad tablet. Watching movies, browsing the internet, working, playing games play a major role in everyone’s life. Our business can do many more functions on the tablet. Now I do not know how to search  online on any tablet, iphone, ipad which is also in our budget. it is also stylish in appearance and its features are also exciting. When buying the tablet, we need a hard disk, screen size, processor, Speed type graphic card, memory storage has to be taken care of while purchasing the same iPhone, iPad, internal storage, Bluetooth wireless devices have to be taken care.In such a situation, the iPhone iPad tablet is available with the latest feature at at a cheaper rate. so the consumer can come here and buy the tablet, smartphone, iPhone, iPad according to their budget and get the product they need. Apple is best known for designing designing development software. Apple’s iPhone iPad is available at this online store. On this website, the brand new refurbished Authentic fast fully owned box opened Apple laptop accessories still reach the quality standard. This does not compromise performance standards. For this each of the devices undergoes thorough testing followed by the latest properties present as evidenced by. Users can shop at the cheapest rates on for 1 year warranty. Best Customer Service, Free Shipping, Easy Payment Options, Most Important, Good Deals and Daily Set sets apart from other platforms. is becoming a good market for online Apple iPhone iPad tablet shopping.

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  • ​Al Baghli United Sponge Manufacturing Company is one of the Largest Industrial Sponge manufacturer in Kuwait since 1978 in the process of foam Manufacturer Wholesaler, and retailer of all type of Sponge products & Polyester Rolls for local and International Market. It is a house hold name in the Bedding Industry of Kuwait



  • Serving corporate with its 40 years of experience of working closely with the banking and financial sector of Kuwait, KIBS has been the catalyst in the process of transfer of technology and know-how to this vital sector.
    It has diversified its product offerings to include professional certification programs, executive development programs, training and development courses



  • Kuwait Petroleum Corporation is Kuwait’s national oil company, headquartered in Kuwait City. The activities of Kuwait Petroleum Corporation are focused on petroleum exploration, production, petrochemicals, refining, marketing, and transportation.
    KPC produces about 7% of the world’s total crude oil



  • MRC is a leading eco-industrial company headquartered in Kuwait and listed in Boursa Kuwait (Stock Exchange).
    Environmentally and socially committed, MRC has been offering sustainable waste management, recycling and industrial solutions to government,oil and gas, petrochemicals, manufacturing and commercial clients since 1987.

    jasemx MRC


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