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Samsung Galaxy Note 10 5G

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 5G (256) The feature specification of Samsung Galaxy Note 10 5G is explained in detail in the following lines.

Specification of  Note 10 5G

  1. The release of Samsung Galaxy Note 10 5G was done by Samsung in August 2019. Android 9.0 is used in smart phones. At the same time, its weight is only 198 grams.
  2. It has 256 GB internal storage with micro SD slot.
  3. GSM CDMA HSBA Video LTE network is used as Mi Smartphone Technology.
  4. It uses 162.3 * 77.2 * 7.5mm under body damage 
  5. The weight of the smart phone is 198 grams.
  6. This smartphone uses front-of-the-class Gorilla Glass and aluminum as the frame form.
  7.  This smartphone has been kept Nano SIM supported on behalf of Sim run, the use of E SIM is forbidden in this smartphone. 

Samsung Pay feature in smartphone

  1. Smart phone samsung pay feature make it special from other device.
  2. feature was also known that Master Card Certified has also been made.
  3. It has an IP68 for dust solution. Water-resistant solutions are kept from 15 to 30 minutes. 
  4. A smartphone has a dynamic mould display with a KPTube touch screen. Which improves the quality of the new picture clicked by it.
  5. This smartphone has a 6 point 8 inch display with a screen body retio 91.50 percent.
  6. This Smartphone samung use XYNOH chipset.
  7. This device use qualcore, Snap Dragon processor, use of this type processor makes the speed faster of device. 
  8. It uses CPU from Octa Core Mongo. 
  9. smartphone has a micro HD card slot which supports more memory than a TB. 
  10. In this also, the internal memory of the smart phone is 256gb. 
  11. The smartphone uses a 10-megapixel single camera. 
  12. Smartphone have a dual video camera feature included as a special feature of the selfie camera. In this smartphone Samsung use otto HDR.
  13. This smart phone has used fingerprint sensor, X-ray row meter, proximity compass barometer.
  14. Fast battery charging is available in 45 WLA.
  15. This smartphone uses a GPS Glonass BDS Galileo as a GPS.
  16. The smartphone does not include a 3 point 5mm jack. It has 32bit 384K audio with active noise cancellation with dedicated mic dolvi atoms speaker Placed.

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IPhone 11 Pro256 GB  Features

Jasemx provide IPhones. Here we have told you in detail about the features of iPhone 11 Pro 256gb. The iPhone 11 Pro is a 256gb smartphone with a 5.8-inch Super Retina, SDR LED display.  The launch of this  iPhone.  iphone have mineral glass body type, touch screen form factor again, took place at an event on 20 September 2019. In this, Face ID has been used to protect the consumer during the use of secure authentication and Apple Pay. The advantage of this will be that the consumer’s translation will be secure.

IPhone 11 Pro 512GB

IPhone 11 Pro 512gb launched in September 2019. Apple manufactured this smartphone. Its model name is Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max. Its launch date is 10 September 2019. It has iOS operating system version 13. It is available in three colors. Space Gray, Silver Light, Midnight Green. It has 3G 4G GPS WiFi NFC Bluetooth connectivity capability. Its screen size, 6.5. It uses OLED display technology. Its screen resolution is 1242 268 8. Its picture density is 458. It has triple camera feature provided Real camera is 12 megapixels, same exam video resolution is 2160p@24/30/60fps.

iPhone 11 Pro 64gb

iPhone 11 Pro 64gb  is a smartphone. Apple has made it user friendly and lightweight from the user point of view. To perform this, Apple A13 Bionic has been included in it. Its storage capacity is 64GB.Smart phone camera is 12 megapixels. Its display is 5.8 (14. 73 cm). samsung use 4 GB Ram in this device. it will increase the speed of device and make it  faster. Apple launced this device on September 2019.

iPhone 11 Pro Max 256gb

iPhone 11 Pro Max 256gb Apple launched by apple. It has iOS v130 operating system. Smart Phone uses the Apple a 13 Bionic chip set. It has 4GB RAM and 256gb internal storage. This type device have OLED display. smart phone  weight 226 grams. The rating that consumers have received after using Apple’s I phone 11 Pro Max 256 GB is also quite good.

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